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MAY 20, 1994

In only three-quarters of a century, UCLA evolved from a tiny two-year teachers college situated off a dirt road in Hollywood, into a distinguished, comprehensive institution ranked today among the leading research universities in the world. In celebration of UCLA’s 75th anniversary, President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at an academic convocation commemoration. A tradition throughout academe, convocations are formal ceremonies at which members of a university community gather to commemorate a milestone in the institution’s history, or to honor a personage of national or international distinction.

The president delivered a major address before an audience of approximately 9,000 UCLA students, faculty, staff, and guests. In addition, he received the university’s highest honor, The UCLA Medal. UCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young, whose 25th anniversary as UCLA’s chief executive coincided with the university’s 75th anniversary, presided over the 90-minute convocation. A full schedule of activities was planned for UCLA’s 75th anniversary year, which concluded on June 30, 1995. Events ranged from academic symposia and public lectures to exhibitions and performances, and involved the entire UCLA community.