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The Visiting Dignitary Policy (UCLA Policy 106) governs the way dignitary visits to UCLA are managed. The policy and guidelines are intended to ensure these visits are well coordinated and that event goals and objectives are met and applies to all dignitary visits to campus, whether they are university-initiated or requested by an outside entity.

UCLA Dignitary Gifts

For dignitary visits, high-profile program participants or honorees, it is appropriate that a gift be presented on behalf of the University in appreciation or to promote goodwill. It is the responsibility of the hosting department to purchase a gift that could be presented by the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Vice Provost, Dean or appropriate designate.

Prior to choosing a gift, contact Christine Larson, International Institute, or Tricia Lippert, Special Events and Protocol. Research should be done to inquire about the country’s cultural gift-giving protocol to determine if the gift selection is appropriate. If the Chancellor extends the invitation, an appropriate gift will be determined.

For more information, refer to the Business and Finance Bulletin G-42, Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University, which includes information on who may and may not be presented a gift, circumstances on when it is appropriate to present a gift, and gift limits. Additionally, please note that some officials have differing gift acceptance limitations and may not accept gifts.