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Guidelines and templates for planning your next event.

Protocol for Events with UCLA Executive Leadership: Contact Person:
Attendance Request Form
Submit this form to request Chancellor Block, Mrs. Block and/or Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost for an event.

For All Other Attendance Requests:
Email the following areas for attendance requests for Chancellor Block and Mrs. Block Chancellor’s Office
Exernal Affairs
Elizabeth Beck
Speaking Engagements Form
After receiving confirmation of attendance for Chancellor Block, Mrs. Block and/or Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Hunt, a completed speaking engagements form is due six weeks prior to all events.
Amy Guerra
Executive Event Briefing Template
Complete briefing is due 10 business days prior to events with the Chancellor, Mrs. Block and/or Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.
Please refer to the Briefing Template instructions
Chancellor Event Marketing Materials Protocol Guide and Approval Process
Design and content of event marketing materials with the Chancellor, Mrs. Block, and/or Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost's names must be approved by the Chancellor’s Office. Event promotional materials include print and electronic versions of, but are not limited to: invitations, save-the-dates, advertisements, websites, programs, citations, and commemorative plaques.
Special Events and Protocol
Protocol for Events on the UCLA Campus: Contact Person:
Visiting Dignitary Policy and Guidelines
The Chancellor has placed administrative responsibility for dignitary visits with Strategic Communications, to serve as the office of record and campus resource for protocol and assistance for state, national and international dignitary visits. The policy and guidelines are intended to ensure these visits are well coordinated and that event goals and objectives are met.
Tricia Lippert
Flag Protocol for UCLA Events
Flag protocol for UCLA events is noted here. For UCLA's general flag display guidelines, refer to UCLA Policy 115.
Tricia Lippert
UCLA Forms of Address
Special Events and Protocol is your resource for answering questions regarding the proper forms of address for dignitaries/VIPs. We’ve listed a few of the most common questions here.
Tricia Lippert
UCLA Brand Guidelines
The UCLA Brand Guidelines site, an inclusive resource for you to harness the power of the UCLA brand, no matter where on campus you work or what your message may be. These guidelines will help you engage your audiences, amplify the impact of your messages and deepen your relationships, whether you’re talking to prospective students, existing students, faculty, alumni or any other group—on or off campus. The UCLA Brand Guidelines are designed to help you use the power of the UCLA brand most effectively. Here you will find easy-to-use directions, vivid examples and downloadable assets that will help you craft communications of any kind, on any platform—print and digital.
Commencement and Academic Protocol
Special Events and Protocol advises the UCLA campus on issues regarding academic regalia and ceremony protocol. For information about commencement schedule, locations and logistical planning, visit the UCLA Commencement website or call (310) 825-2022.
Sarah Weinstock